Thursday, October 22, 2009

Date Night

Joe and I found out that our downtown movie theater has $5 movie night on Wednesday. Isn't it funny that we think $5 is cheap for a movie - can you not remember when it was $5 full price and we thought that was *outrageous*?!?!

So.. last night was date night. First, we were celebrating the fact that Joe could stay up to see a late movie because he didn't have to do rounds on his patients until 8am this morning. Normally he has to be up at 4 so that was cause for HUGE celebration! Haha!

Here are the ingredients for our date night:

2 loaded baked potatoes from McAllister's Deli. Hold the olives. Extra Ranch dressing on the side.
2 for Couples Retreat. I love Vince Vaughn so I LOL'ed at several parts. Pretty good and funny for the guys too!!

Back home for two servings of Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate from a mix I bought at Williams Sonoma. I swear, this is almost as good as the real thing but you don't have to go to NYC or Vegas to get it!!!

What are the elements of your favorite date night??


Angela said...

I love a good date night. :-) We tend to go for sushi and a movie most times. We live in a tiny town (it's a village!) and our theater is $4! haha- we love it!

Blair said...

Sounds like a good night!


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