Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oganize Your Bathroom!

I'm in Colorado for work - I got sent on a last minute trip. I've got a question for you: how do you pronounce Colorado?????

a) Colo-"RAD"-o
b) Colo-"ROD"-o

I'm definitely in the (a) category but I'm noticing the "natives" are in the (b). Hmm...

I'm VERY bummed I have to be here (I get it, it's my job, but I'm allowed to be bummed - right?) because I'll be here for 2.5 weeks with only one weekend in between at home AND I'll be GONE for my husband's birthday! We've never spent a birthday completely apart and the thought is just depressing.

This weekend I spent a couple hours organizing my makeup. I had so much makeup lying around my bathroom it looked like Sephora threw up in there! I was sick of it!

First, I sorted through everything and threw anything away I didn't like or stuff that was just old. I had makeup I had bought in high school. I put everything away in a drawer-tub I got from Walmart.
I tried to be creative and come up with cute names for the drawers. And YES I used a label maker! Haha!

I also have tubs for medicine and samples I collect when I'm traveling.

I collected all my makeup brushes and put them in a wine glass on the counter.

I put nailpolish in a cute box under Joe's sink (because I'm totally out of room under mine!)

I had random jewelery lying around (stuff I tend to wear a lot) so I put them on a stand on the sink.

I also want to show you come cute CHEAP shoes I found at KMart. Have you given KMart a chance lately? Because they totally have some Country Living home goods and cute shoes!

And do you like this hat I got from Charlotte Russe? I have bought hats like this A LOT and I never have the courage to wear them in public. I actually wore this one out though!!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Katie said...

Really cute idea to utilize the wine glass! I might just have to try it. When I moved into my new house a few months ago I made sure I organized everything. I use a lot of baskets. Love them! For my crafts, I'm totally obsessed with clear plastic drawers (and labels!)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Definitely (b) .... ColoRODo

amybyrd said...

I live in Colo RAD o!
I love that jewelry stand where did you get it?

Brittany Ann said...

Looks great! I think that hat really looks great on you!

ShawnaLee said...

Okay...Things I'm Happy To See:
1.) Jovan White Musk under your cabinet. A secret STEAL and great perfume. I've had more compliments from that perfume then designer perfumes.
2.) Your organizational skills. As your bestie...i've seen the un-organizational side to your bathroom from the HS days. Might I add, I probably contributed. ;-)
3.)You wearing a cute hat. Love it. totally SHOULD NOT be scared to wear it in public. You know I would tell you if it was ugly.
4.) Oh and YEAH...that I'm not the only one that still had makeup from HS. I threw a bunch out the other day. Thought to myself, "Seriously? Are you kidding me?"
More of a reason to have you help me with my move and organization. ;-)
Lv Ya!

Bella's Bowtique said...

:) lol
I dunno!!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I can't remember what you do for a living. I think you told me in our first conversation. Sorry you'll be away over hubs bday-that stinks.

I want to go to Italy with you.

Be sure to come over and sign up for my 30 gift give-a-way



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