Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Has Fallen

My Fall decorating plan is a very complex scheme of putting out and removing various pumpkins, spiders, pilgrims, bouquets of sunflowers, spiderwebs, squash and crows all at the right moment to commemorate each of the Fall holidays! It takes a lot of planning and timing, so of course Joe takes absolutely no part in it whatsoever. ;-)

So... here are some of my favorite Fall things...

The table with a gigantor pumpkin that I bought bare and painted

China hutch with a few punkin' touches

How about a jar in baby white pumpkins? And look very closely at the lighting fixture in the background - see the crow? Eeek!

I love white pumpkins

Sunflowers are a must because, afterall, I do live in Kansas. Cliche, huh? I love how Boomer is all "Oops.. am I in your shot?? *pose cute so maybe I get a treat*"

An actual pumpkin pie pumpkin that I will encourage Joe to use in a homemade pie (he makes one every year!). In the back I've got a crystal vase with corn in it.


Liz said...

Your house is SO pretty, it gives Pottery Barn a run for their money! :)


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