Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Wish List

My first day of graduate school is one week from today and I'm in full SCHOOL mode. Which to me, really only means school shopping! Ha! Here are some things I'm hoping to get to touch up my Fall wardrobe...

1. A boyfriend blazer a la the Kardashian sisters. I love the 80s vibe and the rolled sleeves.

2. Some ankle booties that are pretty simple and easy to walk in!

3. A chunky new scarf. There's no better Fall/Winter accessory!

4. A new tote bag that I can double as a backpack and purse.

5. Black chunky cage or gladiator heels. To wear with skinny jeans and that boyfriend blazer!

6. A leopard coat. Oh yes.

7. A new watch. Last year I wore my white ceramic one through Winter but this year I want to switch to something more Fall-ish.

What are you wishing for this Fall?


clschaan said...

I hear you! I am back to school in one week and have nothing!

ty said...

I'm getting ready for back to school shopping too :) can't wait!

Kristi said...

Love getting ready for back to school. My first year of college felt like high school. So excited for a new change.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I loveeeee scarfs in Seattle during the winter! Too hot right now though, hah!


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