Sunday, August 22, 2010

Medical Wife

I have been thinking for a while that I'd like to do a blog link-up where medical spouses can share their stories and experiences as having a spouse in the medical field. Having a significant other in the medical field is definitely unlike any other profession because you deal with long hours, low salaries, lots of debt, losing patients, calls at all hours, moving for school, residency or a job... and the list goes on! I'm definitely proud of my husband for being a physician but it's not for the weak of heart! Ha!

So this  
Friday, August 27th I'm going to talk about our journey through medical school
and next 
Friday, September 3rd I'm going to talk about our journey (so far!) through residency!

I REALLY hope if you are a medical spouse you will join me because I love hearing how everything worked out for others!

I also felt like I needed to add that I know it sounds like I'm complaining about being a medical wife - but I promise I'm not! I know we are very blessed that Joe was given this opportunity and also that it took a lot of hard work on his part, not mine! (I can't even remember how many bones are in the human body! Ha!) I also know that every career is just as important and equally has it's own unique challenges. :)


Ams said...

Ummmm you are NOT complaining!! That's all I have to say about that... and after this journey, I am fairly certain that a little complaining is A-okay!!!
I will definitely be linking up :)

annoyed army wife said...

I'm in! Sounds fun!

Mandy, The Mother of All Chaos said...

Fun idea! And you're in KS? So am I! Only 2 months, so I know about 3 people =).... glad to find your blog!

Tim and Randi Weigle said...

My husband just graduated from pharmacy school, while not the same as medical school and residency, it did require 8 years of education and many rotations. I'm so thankful he is finally done, licensed, and working! It was a long road, but it's worth it in the end! Can't wait to read about your and everyone else's experiences!


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