Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Few Things

1. It rained so hard here last night that Boomer got so scared he busted through the zipper of his crate! Poor dog!! That means it's going to be an overcast day and I love it because it makes me think Fall is around the corner :) I'm so ready to bust out my sweaters! When do y'all do the closet switch-eroo??

2. I'm so excited because my Mom is coming to visit me this weekend and she's going to help me host a Bridal Shower on Sunday - you know I'll have pictures for you next week!! :) I'm doing a green-black-white color scheme and since the bride and her fiancee love to cook, I did the invitations in a cooking theme.

3. My calendar has never been so full in my life! I was definitely not one of those "over-scheduled" kids and as an adult I have a small number of close friends rather than a big group of acquaintances (are you like that too?). Anyway, I've never really been that busy. Until now! I have every weekend booked for the next month! I don't know whether to celebrate or go hide under a rock! Ha!
My 5th appendage, a Moleskine planner :)

Happy Tuesday!


annoyed army wife said...

Those shower invites are too cute! What a great excuse to wear a cute apron all day!

Ams said...

Those invitations are super cute :) I can't wait to see the pictures from the party!!!

Katie said...

Those invitations are so creative! I love stuff like that!!! Poor Boomer... it's rained EVERY DAY this week, and finally today the sun is peeping out, but who knows for how long! I'm the first to admit, I get nothing done when it's raining out. I hate going out in the rain :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

SUPER cute invites!! Love-love. Cannot wait to see pics of the shower!! Love the color palette.


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