Thursday, August 5, 2010

Party On The Patio

Since we bought out house a year ago, Joe and I have spent absolutely NO time in our backyard. We always entertain in the kitchen and dining room and when we do things outside we do them in the front yard. We have a huge backyard but our deck doesn't really have seating for people - just a porch swing and we have no patio of any kind.

Well. Had no patio. Last week we finally bit the bullet and hired a contractor. And yesterday, bright and early, the concrete truck showed up and today we have a patio!

Oh boy! I love before and after pictures!



Today we can put our patio furniture out (been saving it from our old house) and tomorrow we are having a big party! We are going to grill and play Hillbilly Golf. Do you guys know what that is, or is it a regional thing? I've also heard it called Lawn Golf or Redneck Golf. Please tell me you've heard of it because it's a blast to play with a big group of people!

Happy Thursday!!


mjellis said...

LOVE your new patio! And, I have never heard of that golf game! What is it?

Real Housewife of the Midwest said...

The patio looks awesome! That's great that you have such a large shaded area too! I have heard of the game, but never played it. Have a good weekend!

Kristi said...

The patio looks fabulous! Love redneck golf!

Julie said...

That looks great! You could definitely do lanterns now! Ha!

Carissa said...

Never heard of that game....Where did you get it????

Love your patio....looks great!!


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