Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday Joe and I had a lunch date because he was post-call! We tried a new sushi restaurant that we found on Urban Spoon and it ended up being AWESOME! It was a little hole in the wall on the other side of town but I have a feeling we will be going back a lot! Ha!

There's more utensils than food on my plate.

I'm not a hard core sushi eater. I usually order crab or shrimp (yesterday they had a beef one that was good!). And if it's got something fried in it, I'm a huge fan. My favorite sushi is the Shrimp Tempura or Crunchy Roll. It's fried goodness and not healthy at all!

Are you a sushi eater? What's your favorite kind??


Ams said...

Ohhhhhh I LOVE me some sushi.
I like dynamite rolls, this mango roll I make, california rolls... and i always try something new when I go out for sushi :)
I am glad that you guys got a lunch date!!
S was post call today... I suppose if I was with him we could go out for lunch too!! lol...
Ah, one day right?!

michelle ellis said...

I LOVE sushi! I think you would like a Shaggy Dog - it is cooked and very yummy. I love anything with salmon or tuna - and mango!


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