Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've been on a whirlwind since Thursday!

My Mom and I did our road trip and what I forgot to tell you was that our road trip was centered around the Annual I-36 Treasure Hunt, which is basically a 400 mile fall-festival and garage sale along northern Kansas. Hello, heaven! We had so much fun!

The bad news is I forgot my camera. We literally drove along the highway, stopping at lots of little towns, going through the local garage sales and checking out the festivals or getting something to eat. When we bought something, we would just toss it in the backseat. And you can tell, we weren't conservative with the shopping! Haha! This is one of the only pictures I took on my cell because it cracks me up! What a mess!

I promise we got some good stuff though!

We came home last night and when I got home Joe had decorated our entire living room with candles because 7 years ago yesterday we had our first date! And 4 years ago yesterday he proposed! September 19th is very special to us.

Do you celebrate any other anniversaries besides your wedding anniversary???

Unfortunately, I was home for less than 24 hours because I had to get up for a 6am flight to Idaho this morning for work. I think Boomer was confused why we were waking up while it was still dark outside. Joe sent me this picture this afternoon, I guess he has been sleeping like this all day. Don't mess with a dog and his sleeping habits!

Idaho is a state I have never visited and it's so different than I thought. They have real life tumbleweed here that blows all over the highway. It's very desolate. The town I'm staying in pretty much has a military base and a Wal-Mart. Oh boy it's going to be a fun week! Haha!

Look at this view from my hotel room. Literally NOTHING as far as the eye can see...


Brittany Ann said...

I see you're reading The Lost Symbol! I just finished it myself! (And paid for the lack of sleep this caused today, trust me.) Whatcha think so far?

Anonymous said...

uumm... too bad there are not lots of tornadoes there... it would be GREAT chasing territory. Reminds me of the wonderful state of KS for chasing... :)


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