Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpkins A Plenty!

This weekend our friends Jill and Michael came to visit us - we had SO much fun. You know the kind of friends where you can sit around in your PJs with and lay around the living room with? These are those friends!

They even brought their two cats, which is so funny because I don't know if Boomer realized such an animal existed on the sweet Earth. He was pretty much convulsing the entire weekend! Haha!

On Saturday, the boys went paintballing (is that a word? why does it say it's misspelled??) for Joe's birthday and us girls sat around and talked in our pajamas until about 2 in the afternoon!

We finally got around and all of us went to eat and then went to the local pumpkin farm. I guess it's still a little early in the season because we were the only ones out. We rode a hay ride out to pick a punkin'.

We also got to feed baby goats. This one had a striking resemblance to our dog!

Then we did the corn maze. Which. Oh my goodness. We got so lost. And separated from the boys (who have all the navigation genes). I would have taken pictures. But, well, I was too busy screaming! And I had to pee! So we cheated. Yes cheated. And I have no regrets.

Have you gotten a pumpkin yet??


Sarah Ann said...

Aww that little goat is so cute! I have a huge goat named Otis who lives at my parents home in Ca.
No real pumpkins yet here but I'm making paper mache ones!

ShawnaLee said...

I love the picture of you and Jill.
OHHHH and I can see Boomer and his spasms now. LMAO!
The "pee, pee" dance in a corn maze...paaahhahahahaaa...reminds me of old times. *cough* Dodge Intrepid *cough*

Shelly said...

everyone needs those type of friends. they are awesome. :)


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