Monday, September 14, 2009

Party Time

This weekend I hosted an engagement party in Oklahoma for my friend from college. Joe got the entire weekend off so we booked Boomer into "Doggy Daycare" and headed down on Saturday morning. The party went so well! The cupcakes I had been baking were an absolute hit - I think everyone had at least two or three of them!

I also wanted to share with you a little project I did to jazz up the cupcakes. These are paper flags I made for each of the cupcakes. I picked out some cute paper from Hobby Lobby and created a stencil for a small flag. Then I traced out a couple rows of them on the back of the paper.
Then, I cut it out and used double stick tape to tape it around a toothpick.
Super easy and I thought the cupcakes looked pretty festive. I ordered the brown cupcake liners from Etsy.
Sunday afternoon I went wedding dress shopping with the new bride and then Joe and I drove back home. We DID NOT leave Oklahoma without stopping by our favorite French bakery to get one of my favorite treats: mice! I know it looks weird, but these babies are filled with chocolate-y goodness.


Bea said...

those cupcakes and the rest of the party spread looks awesome! glad you had a good weekend!

OK to VA said...

Did Boomer go to Camp Bow Wow? And did you get those mice from La Baguette Bistro? I haven't been to Oklahoma in almost a year...just trying to stay hip to everything ;-)

ShawnaLee said...

Tell me more about these mice you speak of. They look like the most delicous rodent I've EVER placed my eyes upon! Better YET...bring me up one sometime-share the love. LOL ;O)


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