Friday, September 11, 2009

Spotted at Walmart

Yesterday I was at Walmart to get the last minute necessities for the party I'm hosting today.

While I was waiting on a prescription, I decided to browse the clothing section because I had heard that Miley Cyrus had a new Walmart clothing line and I wanted to look at it or really, mock it in my head to pass the time. Also, I needed a new shirt to wear to the party. Like I said, we're shopping for necessary items here.

And I actually think, for the most part, Walmart has decent clothes. And really some of Miley's stuff wasn't that bad.

So, I decided to do a feature on cute clothes at Walmart.

Like this shirt I got for $12, Miley Cyrus line...

This tank bought, I love the metal studs with ruffles, perfect under a cardigan this fall, Faded Glory, $9

This dress is fab. It totally reminds me of that dress that Mandy Moore wore on the cover of Lucky a couple years ago, except that dress was like $3000. This one, $16. I would have bought it too but they didn't have my size.

And I like this shirt for work, from George for $12.99. This would look cute with simple black trousers.

And what wardrobe is complete without a nice pair of leopard JEANS. SKINNY JEANS. We can all thank Miley for that.


Jane said...

Who knew walmart had such cute things?! Love that purple shirt!

Moya said...

Love the dress! I want one in my closet!

Tony333 said...

Thanks for sharing the pics.! I am heading to WalMart tomorrow and hope to pick some cute clothing.


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