Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Guest Room Fabulousness

As it turns out I'm one of those people who just can't leave well enough alone because I'm still tinkering with our guest room. See, that's more fun than doing something practical like mopping the floor or fitting in a workout. I just go with it. So, I convinced Joe to let me buy a set of nightstands because you know what? I stay in A LOT of hotels because I travel for a living and I like the idea of having nightstands next to the bed like all the fancy hotels do.

Y'all, these nightstands are from Bed, Bath & Beyond and they were only $35 apiece. You can't beat that with a stick, and really Joe couldn't argue with a deal like that! ;-) Well, then he had to assemble both of them (immediately when we got them home) but that actually wasn't too bad either. Except for when he was cursing because they forgot to include a piece. But I digress.

I also did a little project with some frames I got for $0.85 for the set of three. I don't even remember where the heck I got them. I painted them a pretty ivory color and then printed out some butterfly images from the internet. I actually used resume paper to print them out on because that made it look fancier and all. I hung them in the hall - voila!

I've also been hard at work determining the perfect cupcake combinations to serve at the upcoming engagement party I'm hosting. That means I have to make a whole bunch of cupcakes and do a very thorough taste-test of each one. Hey, it's a hard job but someone's got to do it. I started with "Pink Lemonade" which is basically lemon cake out of a box and then whipped up a homemade pink lemonade icing.

And finally, can I just post a cute picture on here? I told you Joe and I went away last weekend to help our friends move and here they are with their new pad! I SOO BADLY wanted a picture like this when we moved into our first house in June but we never even had a real estate sign in our yard we hopped on this house so fast! They weren't too thrilled to have their picture made but I told Jill I had to vicariously live through her. And her grandchildren will want to see this picture one day. Ha!! Also, when Joe and I got to their house on Saturday we pulled up RIGHT when they were carrying the last piece of furniture off of the UHaul. Don't we have great timing?? ;-)


Brittany Ann said...

I love what you did with those frames!

OK to VA said...

Those frames are great! And $35.00 for night stands!?!?! That's crazy talk. Way to go!

Melissa G. said...

Your guest room looks great! Isn't it fun to find good deals and fun stuff for the house!

I love what you did with those frames too! They look great!

Jane said...

The room looks great! Love the color of the lamps!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE how the pink cupcake looks. great job on the way the icing looks! :)


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