Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Wildly Important Day

I hope you realize that title is a complete bunch of sarcasm. The biggest thing I did today was re-organize my recipe box. The world is back in order now. Yesterday I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did laundry, ran errands and put a healthy and steaming meal on the table when Joe got off work. I did a lot today, except not so much.

Yes, I'm still working but we are so slow now my next assignment isn't until September 20. All I can say is thank God I'm salaried.

Complete switch of stories but that reminded me of a HILarious story. About a year ago Joe and I were at my parents house hanging out with my nice and nephew. We were playing some completely useless board game where you have to write down the name of 8 people on a dry-erase board and then you do something with the characteristics of those people. Game not so much fun, but when we were asking the kids for ideas on who to put on our board, my niece Ellie kept insisting we put "DEE-OH-GEE" on there. A who A what?? I kept asking her to repeat it and even resorted to asking Trent, my nephew, "What is she saying??". He said the same thing, "DEE-OH-GEE". I was bewildered. Was this some weird kid she knew from school? Finally, Trent says it's the name of a dog in his neighborhood. Okay, it's a weird name but to each his own. Then, Joe bursts up laughing. I'm trying to figure out how to spell the name to put it on our board. Obviously, the joke is on me. Joe goes, "Babe. d-o-g." Haha!! No one ever accused me of being clever. And who would name their dog that!?


Sarah Ann said...

You think that's bad? I have a friend who named her cat "the face". Apparently its because of how cute a face the cat has. I don't get it.

ShawnaLee said...

BAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. The really sad thing. I had to read the post TWICE to get it myself. BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA.
Your not alone.

Sarah663 said...

My husband's friend's dog is named Deeohgee!!

Moya said...

My sister had a cat named Sepitee because he was born in September (I know, weird)!
You're job sounds great! I don't have enough time to have "wildly important days":)

Anonymous said...

my grandfather named his dog Dingo. i always found that one funny. i used to walk around singing "D-I-N-G-O, D-I-N-G-O, D-I-N-G-O, and Dingo was his nameo" as a kid. haha

Its So Very Cheri said...

OK I've had too much fun going through all of these posts and must crawl in bed.
My blog has been growing so much I haven't had a split second to come for visits and I was missing my blog friends and made a little time to stop in to say hi to a few people. Come for a visit.

Its So Very Cheri


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