Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter & Gardening

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Even though Joe was on call (super disappointing because I really wanted him to go to church with me) Easter Sunday I had a great weekend because my mama came down from Missouri and spent the entire weekend. On Saturday we went shopping at my local antique store and ate lots of bad food (does TWO batches of cookies mean anything to you?! Ha!) and watched movies.

And then look at what the Easter Bunny brought me!

That combined with the warm weather fueled a NEED to start working on flowers around the house today!!

So since Joe was post-call we headed for Home Depot together.

I really felt like we needed something on either side of the stairs at our front door so I potted some Azaleas.
Then we worked on the back deck where I wanted to hang my Topsy Turvey. By the way, between a physician and an engineer we still managed to assemble the thing wrong. Bless our hearts.

When we were out back I noticed a certain someone was watching carefully from the back door. Hehe!
I also used this old wire crate I got at a garage sale to gather some other potted plants.

Look how pathetic that one looks in the back left. It's supposed to be a Hydrangea. I told Joe it looked so puny that I might buy some silk hydrangeas to stick in there until the real ones start growing! Ha!

I've got some big projects planned around the house now that I'm settled in one place for a while.

So, is your green thumb itching???


Anonymous said...

for some reason, the story of joe telling me about your mom planting silk flowers in her flower bed until the real ones came in is one of the first stories i remember at the beginning of our friendship. haha go figure. i think it was one of the first nights we hung out and for some reason it has stuck in my head.


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