Monday, April 26, 2010

Important Questions

I thought I would start something new on Mondays! I want your answers to some burning questions I have. Ha! Post your answers in the comments below. I'm going to pick one random person from the comments to win a prize :)

1. Is Kate Hudson really pregnant?

2. Do we like Benjamin's makeover?

3. What happened to Kim Kardashian's face?

4. "Digital Clutch" = computer crossed with a purse (will be featured on the new Sex and the City movie) - would you buy one?

5. Dying doggie hair: yay or nay?

6. What is the best mall food/drink spot?

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I did for two reasons. First - Joe and I spent the entire weekend re-doing our Master Bedroom (I felt like I was on Trading Spaces because we decided to do the entire thing in one weekend! Ha!). Second - I won the cutest apron from this cute blog Green Onions (thanks Karen!). I never win anything! Don't forget to leave your comments below and you'll win something too :)


Moya said...

I don't know if Kate hudson's pregnant; I prefer the original Benjamin; It looks like botox overdose on Kim K or a pic of her mom with long hair; It's cute but I don't think I'd buy the digital clutch; I consider it a form of animal cruelty and sbarro is my fave:-)

Kathy said...

1. I have no idea if Kate is preggers.
2. Not really - funny patterns and colors.
3. Way too much plastic surgery, I'm thinkin'
4. Probably not - though it's very cute. I'm just more old fashioned - I just started texting THIS year and still have an old junky cell phone. So I doubt I'd carry around a digital clutch.
5. NAY!
6. .... oooh, tough call! Prob Auntie Anne's or Cinnabon. man this question is killing me - I'm on South Beach right now and can't eat ANY of those yummy things! =)

~~~Kathy k.

Tris-star said...

1. I don't know if she's preggers, but according to US Weekly she did get a boob job recently.
2. Looks fine to me.
3. Blech!!
4. I love it!
5. Nay!
6. pizza from sbarro and a smoothie from orange julius.

Angela said...

1. I don't think so
2. I like the old one
3. Botox and waaaaay too much makeup
4. Absolutely! I'm a sucker for technology and accessories.
5. Giant NAY! It's just wrong.
6. Anywhere I can get something that's vegan! Mall food is slim pickings for someone like me. Subway can work or somewhere with a salad.

Kristi said...

1. First I have heard about Kate Hudson being pregnant.
2. New Benjamen looks kind of strange.
3. Looks like too much of something.
4. I can barely fit everything in a normal clutch let alone one with a computer.
5. NAY
6. Tie between Auntie Anne's and Oarnge Julius!

Lori said...

1. She looks it.
2. I like the new one.
3. Too much botox.
4. Don't think I'd buy it.
5. NAY NAY!!!
6. The Original Cookie Company

Melissa G. said...

Congratulations on your win from Karen! Lucky you! Good choice, i'd probably have picked the same apron that you did.
I know Karen in real life and she is such a neat lady. So full of wisdom and compassion.
Enjoy your week!

Sara said...

1 - I don't know
2- I like the new look
3- Too much botox for SURE!
4- Yes, I would ;)
5- I think that's cruel and just ugly
6- I like Auntie Ann's. It's Norman. I like Chickfila, Auntie Ann's and miss Orange Julius :(


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