Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorite iPhone Apps

Last week I finally got upgraded to the new iPhone (not the new, new one that was "leaked" earlier this week, but the other "new" one. And while we are on the subject, there is a Marketing Mastermind at Apple who knew the frenzy that would be created if you just release a new phone with new features every 6 months. You slay me, sir. Like we don't know the original could have totally had video camera capabilities.)

My old iPhone was black, so I picked out the white one because I figured it would be easier to find at the bottom of my purse.

I have been having so much fun loading new Apps onto it so I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.

1. Ransom Letters. It takes any message you create and turns it into a ransom note. I sent this one to Joe a couple nights ago:
2. Vintage Maker: takes any video you've shot on the iPhone and creates a "vintage" movie with it. I shot this one of my BFF's little girl last weekend:

3. Words With Friends: it's like cyber Scrabble you play with other iPhone users you know. Joe and I play with his brother all the time.

4. Photo Effect: takes the pictures you've taken on your phone and changes coloring and effects. Like this of me and Boomer, our dog:

5. Shazam: I think this was on an iPhone commercial. You open this App while there is a song on the radio you want to identify and it tells you the artist and the name of the song. Don't ask me how it works but it does! Ha!

Those are my top five favorites!

What are your favorite phone apps??


Kathryn said...

I need some new ones and these all look fun! I don't think I have any that just stand out above the rest - but I love Yelp for finding restaurants and things in cities I'm not familiar with.

Val, Mike, Brax and Harper said...

came across your blog from kelly's korner!
i love your iphone app suggestions--i actually asked kelly to do a post asking everyone what their's was... i need ideas!!!
i don't have any really fun ones-the most useful one i have is "baby brain" and it keeps track of when your baby eats/poops/sleeps etc. (i have a 2 month old!)
i've heard red laser is pretty cool-you can scan something at a store and it will bring up the item and how much it is other places so you can find it at the lowest price.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Seriously, there are WAY too many cool apps! Of these, I only have Words With Friends (which I'm obsessed with!) but now need the rest. I'm actually working on a post about apps too...they're so addicting!!


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