Thursday, April 8, 2010

You've Got Questions...

I saw this on Ashley's blog and I thought I'd do my own version! Also, at the end I'm answering some of the questions people have asked me via email or blog comments and I'm sloooow at getting back to people!

Favorite Style Icon:
Can I merge Reese Witherspoon + Lucille Ball???

I totally wish women still wore hats and gloves nowadays! I've been so tempted to buy some in the antique mall and try to revive them myself! Ha! Plus, y'all know I love a good dress!

Favorite Party Theme:
Well, we just had a dinner party a couple months ago with all the other anesthesia residents and we did Mexican food + cards which was really fun! I just made all the fixings for tacos and burritos and had people make their own dinner and then we all sat around and played cards. Too fun!

I would love, love to have a girls party in the theme of "27 Dresses" where each girl would have to show up wearing a really tacky bridesmaid dress. Wouldn't that be fun??
Favorite Socialite Lit Book:
I've never read one!! I'm trying really hard right now to read a lot of the "classics" that I didn't have to read in school like Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, To Kill and Mockingbird and the like. What that says about Missouri public schools is another story :( (no offense to Missouri as a state - I miss home!! - but we definitely didn't have to read any of these in school)

I do love the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic though (based on a chick lit book) and I just watched it last weekend with my mom!!

Extravagance That You Can't Live Without:
I have to agree with Ashley - TRAVEL!! Even though we are on a resident's budget we definitely try to travel as much as we can. We do a lot of cruises because they're cheap and you get a big bang for your buck!
Living Person That You Admire the Most:
My grandpa! He grew up so poor he "couldn't afford to buy a coke for a nickel" and he has started several businesses over the years, has stayed active in church, will be celebrating a 50 year wedding anniversary this year, etc. And he's a riot!!

Greatest Fear:
Not being able to experience motherhood.

What Talent Would You Most Like to Have:
I would LOVE to have learned to play piano and a child. Actually, our next door neighbor was a piano instructor. Isn't that ironic? I just love when people can casually stroll up to a piano and play a little melody.

Greatest Achievement:
My dream since I was 10 years old was to work here:
And I did. I left my small town in Missouri. Went away to college. Got an engineering degree. And did it. Really, I always tell kids that if I could do it anyone can!! It just takes hard work!!

Thanks so much Ashley for putting this on your blog so I could play along too!

Now, some other questions people have asked me :)

"Where do you shop? I would love to raid your closet!"
I love to shop but I always try to keep it on a budget!! I love Ross Dress for Less but unfortunately we don't have one here in my town. I also love TJMaxx, Gap and I get a lot of stuff from Target too!

"What do you do for a living that you get to travel so much?"
I don't talk to much about actually what it is I do because I want to respect the people I work with. I can tell you that I am a contractor for the federal government and I work with people who are deploying for war.

"How do you get upgraded to first class when you travel?"
I had several people ask me how we got upgraded to first class flights when we took a cruise last month. I wish I had a better answer but I honestly don't know! We didn't even ask for first class but we just noticed that we were first class when we got our airline tickets from the cruise line. We did book everything through the cruise line so maybe that had something to do with it?? I would love to know myself! Ha!

"When are we going to see a tour of your whole house?"
I would love to do that! I would love to even do a video tour even though I feel like a huge dork when I do stuff on video. Would you guys seriously be interested in that?

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!!


Mrs. Carioca said...

A video tour would be fun!


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