Friday, July 2, 2010

4 Years

Four years ago tomorrow I woke up among my best friends from a very restful sleep.

My mom had made a home-cooked breakfast and it was a beautiful sunny day.

This was the day I got married.

I remember arriving to the church and thinking to myself "the next time you leave this place you'll be married." And I wondered what Joe was thinking.

Us girls gathered in the bathroom at the church and got ready. There wasn't much mirror space but we made it work!

My sister helped me put on false eyelashes and my best friend Shawna helped me get my lipstick just right.

My mom gave me her diamond earrings as my "something borrowed" and she helped me put them on. I remember I never took them off until after the honeymoon but I was so worried I would lose them!

Getting into the dress was a little challenging! We had never practiced getting into the dress while the veil was on my head!

My mom helped me tie the satin sash.

Joe and I decided to exchange letters to one another at the church. I decided to write mine there, in the moment, but I had forgotten to pack paper. Someone tore out a sheet of paper from their planner for me. Of course, Joe's was written perfectly, and folded delicately inside a wedding gift, a jewelery box he had his best man deliver!

Inside the jewelry box he had put mementos from our relationship: the first ring he ever bought me, pictures from when he would visit me while I lived in Houston, and my engagement ring that I had given him the night before to hold on to. Of course I cried like a big baby! 

I remember my photographer getting some pictures of us before the wedding started. And I felt pure, solid JOY.

My hand was shaking I walked down the aisle. I remember thinking "it's hard to see with this veil on!". Then I locked eyes on Joe and I think I floated the rest of the way. 

The rest of the bridal party came and I felt so surrounded by love.

Our vows are a blur to me! I wish I remembered them better but I don't! I remember looking into Joe's eyes and feeling loved beyond belief.

I think we ran back down the aisle! Pure love - I couldn't believe we were actually married!

We made our grand exit as everyone threw rose petals at us and clapped and laughed.

We jumped into the getaway car, which was a vintage car my parents had fixed up. I remember Joe, after many tries couldn't get it started! So we sat there, with the crowd laughing (with us, not at us!!) until my dad came to our rescue! Ha!

We drove around, out in the country, and just kept saying to ourselves "Oh my gosh! We did it! Oh my gosh!" and laughing.

I loved our reception because it felt so warm.

We sat at our own little table. And we actually ate at our reception! (when we weren't kissing!)

Our first dance was to our song, "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams. We still get giddy when we hear that song on the radio!

We danced and laughed and loved.

The cake was one of my favorite parts because our cake lady had designed it to look like my wedding dress - which was a complete surprise to Joe! The thing was almost as big as I was! We had red velvet cake, peanut butter cake, chocolate cake and white cake. 

My mom made Joe's grooms cake of the OU Football stadium. She asked someone to add the goal posts at the reception and whoever that was put them in upside down but no one fixed it! We still laugh about that now! Ha!

I remember our last song was "At Last" by Etta James and we said goodbye to Joe's grandfather who told me to "take care of him". He's now gone so that's a very special memory!

We waved goodbye and drove away.

Happy Anniversary, Joe! I can't wait to see what the next 60 years bring us! I know no one is perfect, but you are darn close! :)


Annie said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary! You were the most beautiful bride! The pics are amazing.

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ams said...

Happy Anniversary.
Absolutely gorgeous you were lovely lady :)
I hope for a wonderful 60 years for the two of you also!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Loved seeing your pics! So pretty! Happy happy anniversary! :)


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