Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things You Should Know About

I decided to put a list together of all the internet sites I wish I would have known about sooner. Sites that I found, or was told about, that are awesome and I wanted to kick myself for not finding it sooner. But really, you found my site and nothing can top that. ;-)

The web's largest fashion community. Mix and match items from any shopping website and create collages or outfit inspirations.

The best online photo editing site. For those of us who don't have PhotoShop. It's like the poor man's PhotoShop. But probably not as good. But still really good.

The best online radio site where you can create unique music stations. And it's free. Absolutely free. Take that, iTunes!

Online photo hosting site. It's awesome for photo organization.

Okay, up until now, all the sites started with 'P' and the OCD part of me panicked a little when I had to list something starting with another letter. Hold me, I am ill.

The best site for researching vacations, with info on activities, hotels, food and more. You can plan out and save the details for an entire trip and the reviews on everything are spot on.

You shouldn't book a seat on a flight without referring to this site. It's a guide to the best and worst seats on any plane.

Shop It To Me
You add your shopping preferences (size, brands, department, etc) and it scours the internet for items that match them and puts them in one spot. I used to think I was too lazy to shop in the mall because it required walking from store to store, so I shopped online. Now I guess I'm too lazy to click through multiple websites. Ha!

ING Direct
Joe and I have our savings here - ING has about the best interest rate and also allows you to divide up your savings into several separate funds, like we have a "vacation" fund and so on.

That's all I got for now. However, YOU probably know of some websites that I never have. And they're probably really cool. So, go on, tell me all about your favorite websites!!

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Mrs. Dawkter said...

I too enjoy shop-it-to me!

Other favorites are and

I want but cannot afford photoshop so I look forward to trying out picnik

Annie said...

This is brilliant! I will NEVER book a vaca without visiting trip advisor first. shop-it-to me looks cool! Haven't tried that yet.

BrittanyMK said...

Hi! New to your blog :)

I love using Picnic and I'm checking out the other websites!

Day Old News said...

This is awesome, definitely need more experience with some of these.

Sassy Gal said...

I always LOVE your recommends!! You're awesome!!!


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