Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Details

The devil is in the details. 
I'm not really a detail person myself; I'm usually best able to see the big picture in situations.
But I have an exception. I love details in people's homes. I love to see how people arrange their magazines on their end table. What things they sit out on the bathroom counter. What kind of silverware they have. It's the little details that really describe who we are, right??

So, here are some of the new details at my house today.

Throw blankets in an apple pickin' basket.

Leopard print jewelery organizer I just hung up.

Brownie with german chocolate cake frosting.

My quote of the day.

Nest on the coffee table.

What are some of the details at your house?? :)


ty said...

I think the brownies just SERIOUSLY made my stomach growl.

Julie said...

It's funny, I am the same way, very detail oriented. Always examining styles of others in their homes. It does reflect who we are and everyone, like their living space is unique. It's amazing to think about! Our home definitely reflects our style, very old hollywood with a touch of safari chic! Sounds crazy I know, but we love it! It's home, our home!
BTW, love your blog, New follower!

Becky said...

I LOVE that chalkboard.. the frame is adorable! And I want you to know you are one of my week blogs I must read!

Josh said...

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