Monday, July 5, 2010


It was definitely a weekend for the record books - it rained ALL weekend here in Kansas!!
Friday night Joe and I went to a party with the other residents. They were celebrating being "25% done with residency" which tells me (a) they're nerds, and (b) there's no excuse too small to have a party! Ha!
I was full of Independence Day spirit so I dressed in red, white and blue and also made everyone a little baggie of sugar cookies shaped like stars. Yes, I had a Martha moment!

Saturday was our anniversary and my sweet hubby surprised me with breakfast in bed (chocolate chip pancakes!). We lazed around pretty much all morning and then decided to go see a matinee movie. Yes, it's been four years, not sixty, but we have a love of the matinee.We saw Knight and Day and it was awesome! Tom Cruise really repaired himself in my mind. Loved it. Want to own it. I didn't even put a stitch of makeup on. It was that kind of rainy day.

Then, we went to a Deli and stuffed ourselves silly. Nothing like a stomach ache to seal a great anniversary!! Ha!

Then we walked around the mall and picked out anniversary presents for each other. Joe will use any excuse to go into the "golf clinic" at Dick's Sporting Goods. He tested out a new club we ended up getting. It's the one that hits the ball a long ways.

It was so rainy on Sunday I really didn't know if we'd see any fireworks at all. But the clouds parted about 8:30pm and the fireworks started right up. We live at the edge of town and we could sit on our front porch and see about 10 fireworks shows going on at once. That's the benefit of living in a state flatter than a pancake! You can see for miles!

How was your 4th of July??


Ams said...

You two are stinkin' cute! I want to squish you both :) Sounds like the perfect weekend my friend!!

Brittany Ann said...

Happy Anniversary! And I loved that you shopped for each other together!

Alissa said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Too cute!

Annie said...

Fun! You are so stinking cute. I love the outfit! And cookies. Looks like a good anniversary to me ;-)

Team Phillips said...

"It's the one that hits the ball a long ways"...hehe I love that!


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