Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sugar and Spice

Last night my friend Shawna and I went to visit another friend, Jacki for dinner. They both have little girls that are about three months apart. All night I kept thinking to myself "sugar and spice and everything nice" because they were both little angels all night and I wanted to take them both home with me! Ha!

Jacki made us a feast of tacos and all the fixins. It's better for the scales that I do live so far away because she is an awesome cook and hostess!

Jacki sells Gold Canyon candles so I got to "shop" a little while I was there! Full Service!

I got an extra candle just special for one of y'all, so I'll do a giveaway here soon so I hope you win! These candles are the best. The food ones smell so good I want to take a spoon to them. Ha!

Happy Wednesday!

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Mrs. Dawkter said...

Those girls are so cute!

Annie said...

Awesome! I wanna win!

Brittany Ann said...

Fun times!

My old college roomie was a Mary Kay consultant. It was awesome living with a constant supply of whatever I'd need!


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