Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Yesterday

My yesterday was a day of complete random! 

I got up first thing in the morning and loaded up some old clothes into my car and took them to Goodwill. Somehow Joe's old ratty flannel pajama pants and 1980s-esque Chiefs Football sweatshirt made it into the bag and I accidentally gave them away (sorry babe!) ;-)

Then, I ran over to Borders to buy Eat, Pray, Love. Have y'all read this book?? It's good so far! I promised my BFF I'd read it before the movie came out (nothing like waiting until the last minute!)

Then, when the temperature maxed out to about 400 degrees, Boomer and I took a walk around the neighborhood. He managed sniff every blade of grass in our neighborhood and I managed to sweat through my t-shirt. Ha!

Last night Joe and I sanded and primed my little FIVE DOLLAR twin bed. I think I'm going to paint it ivory but I'm still deciding. What do you think?

And we also booked a vacation for September last night! Well, not really a vacation for Joe, but a convention for work but I get to tag along too (which I think if fair because the last time we were in Las Vegas I was the one working!) We are going to stay in the Planet Hollywood towers. I thought their rooms looked really cool and modern.

I decided to put on a Summer 'O Fun Giveaway on Monday! So don't forget to check back then!


Katie said...

I LOVE Eat, Pray, Love, and cannot wait to see it especially since Julia Roberts is in it. I have high expectations. =)

ty said...

I loved that book! And love your $5 pick-up. You should do something like the Sticks furniture company does - really pretty paints and some engraving. My dad does that stuff!

Melissa G. said...

Sounds like a good day. Full of getting things done and things to look forward too. The hotel is pretty neat! I'll have to read that book and i think that bed is adorable! $5! What a steal!

Ams said...

Oh I love love love love LOVED Eat, Pray, Love... I think I might just read it again - that's how much I loved it!!
And that hotel room looks amazing :)


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