Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Coming to you live from Denver!

Eating: a Wolfgang Puck asian chicken salad. Did you know the people who operate the Wolfgang Puck express food station at the airport are actual chefs?!?

WANT to be eating: Ben and Jerry's that's 20 feet away... you hear that? It's the coffee ice cream calling my name.

Wearing: new Coach scarf! Do you like it?? (it was $15 at the outlet!!)

it's hard to discreetly take a picture of yourself at the airport - ha!!

Listening to: the sounds of people talking and random airport announcements like,
"the current security level is ORANGE."

Reading: Jane Eyre. I've been working on this book since, oh, NOVEMBER! I love it! And also this post from Ty - so good!

Do you have a favorite airport?

I really like Denver because it's practically a mall so if you're bored you can walk around and shop. I remember really liking the Toronto airport. And (hometown love) I love Kansas City's airport because the security is split up by gate so there's never too bad of a line :)


ty said...

That particular devotional hit me like a ton of bricks, too :)

BTW, LOVE the Coach scarf!

Jane said...

When I fly into LA I always use the Long Beach Airport, so less stressful than LAX!

Love the new scarf, what a steal!

We can definitely motivate each other on the fit train!

Sarah Ann said...

I've been to so many airports...and not even for work! Just to see my husband! I really love the Dallas/Fort Worth air port- it's so cozy! And the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul airport I've gotten to know really well since I've spend about 11 hours in a row there before. Denver is nice too, but not my fav. I HATE LAX. Too many people, too much commotion. Whenever we visit CA go go through the San Francisco airport but honestly I prefer the Oakland airport more. It's just nicer to me and less of a pain to get there. I could do a whole post on airports hu? =]

Samantha said...

New to the blog, but I love the Boston and Las Vegas airports. And the scarf is really cute!


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