Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twas the Night Before Valentine's Day...

A surprise was planted.

The man of the house was working all night.

Balloons were blown.

Streamers were strewn.

A sign was drawn (used up my entire pink marker!!).

And a flat screen t.v. was delivered.

Ssshhh... Joe's supposed to get off work at 8am and THIS is what he's coming home to.

Hope you have a lovely VALENTINE'S DAY!!

I love Valentine's Day because it gives you a chance to tell those you love how much you care about them. In high school I remember you used to be able to send someone a "Valentine-gram" for $2. Most of the popular girls got them from their boyfriends, but I never got one (except for ones from friends). I've definitely had my share of lonely Valentine's Days!! So now I try to enjoy them as much as possible. Hope you enjoy yours whether you have someone to share them with or not. Those years when I didn't have a boyfriend I would consider my friends and my mom my Valentine - I loved them more than any guy!! Ha!

I'm going to make a homemade steak dinner with all the fixins' tonight but I went out and bought the dessert: Red Velvet cake with white chocolate shavings on top!!! I wish you were here so I could cut you a great big slice!!!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

aw, that is so cute. I hope you have a great night. I'm single so I'm definitely counting my sister, sister in law, and mom as my valentine's this year. we are having a girl's day out!!

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Ams said...

I want YOU to be my Valentine ;)
How much did he LOVE his gift?
I hope you two have a great day together.
Happy Valentines Day!! xo

Brittany Ann said...

Happy Valentine's Day! This is so sweet!

Pretty Hills said...

awww... it looks like you two will have an awesome Valentines Day! I bet your husband will be so surprised!!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Aw...great job decorating for Valentines are too adorable.

Veronnica Watson said...

Wow! How fun! You did a great job decorating!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jane said...

Awww what a fabulous surprise for your valentine! I'm sure he loved it!


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