Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rough Day

I had a rough day today.

I was invited to California to talk at a training seminar for physicians who are providing care to people in the military. I was the first to present this morning but no one ever provided me with an outline for the rest of the training today. Well. The speaker who followed me thought it would be appropriate to completely bash my program and the way we do business. It was brutal!!

Have you ever had one of THOSE DAYS??

It's a quick trip so I'll be flying back home tomorrow (thank goodness!!) but while I'm here there are TWO things I had to do.

Sushi (under all that crispy goodness!! Ha!)

Pinkberry (frozen yogurt - I had mine with strawberries, kiwi and chocolate chips)

And I still must have been really mad.

Because I went down to the fitness center at my hotel and ran two miles.

Have a great Wednesday!!!


Veronnica Watson said...

That's horrible! I'm sorry that person did that!

Which part of California did you go to? I'm in the Bay Area!

ty said...

Ugh, bless your heart. I know those kind of days. Shame on that person that spoke after you. I'm sure he had nothing good to say ... that's why he had to base his lecture on picking you apart.

Just remember that when you fall victim to others' petty insecurities, it could always be worse - you could be them.

I'm interested in where you were in CA as well! I lived in LA and Santa Barbara!

Mrs. Dimple said...

You guys are too sweet :)
I'm in San Diego!!!

Melissa G. said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day! I hope today is much better for you! But hey, you may have had a bad day but you looked cute! I like your dress! =)

Ams said...

Ohhhhh I HATE days like that. I don't understand people... :(
Look at you go, delicious food and THEN a workout. I am very proud lady... very very proud! I would never have pulled that off. That's probably exactly what you needed though right?
Hope today is a better one :)

Jane said...

Wow that is definitely a rough day - why do people think that is okay?

At least you got some Pinkberry in, that is the on thing I miss about Cali!

Sarah Ann said...

Wow, talk about awful. I hope it was done in at least a professional way? Idk though, some people don't exactly understand the meaning of professional though...while you're there I suggest getting some In-N-OUT. Mmmmm. Always makes me feel better!


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