Thursday, February 18, 2010


Two nights ago Joe and I both had eye exams and for whatever reason the doc decided to dilate both of our eyes. FUN TIMES. And then we tried to pick out glasses. Blindly. Now that's a genius marketing scheme. It took so long to get through the appointments that we totally missed our next DANCE class. I know you're disappointed!!

Anyway, can I show you the glasses I picked out? What do you think?

Then last night I talked Joe into taking me to five dollar movie night so I could see Dear John. It's based on the Nicholas Sparks book which I read a long time ago.

Cried. Like. A. Baby.

And don't you hate it when they end a movie with a sad scene and then BAM the lights go on in the theater?? Give the people time to put themselves back together!! Ha!

On a side note, one thing I really want to do this week is to clean out my tupperware closet. It's embarrassing. So now that I've told you I am accountable for it! :)

Hope you have a great Thursday!


Mrs. Alex P said...

I love your new glasses, very cute! I hear ya about having to clean out the tubberware drawer, mine is so unorganized and it drives me crazy!

Ams said...

Your new glasses are gorgeous! You will have to try them on and take a pic when you get them :)
I can't wait to see Dear John... I need a good cry (or not! lol)

{:miss v:} said...

Totally LOVE the glasses! I'm so excited b/c I get new lenses this year! Yeah!

I completely know what you mean about the dilating and then trying to pick out your glasses. What genius thought of that one?

That movie sounds interesting...maybe I'll coax the hubby to take me!

{:miss v:} said...

oops...I meant new "frames"...hehe

jenn said...

love the glasses....similar to a pair i have.


i want my hubby to take me to see that movie...heres to hoping!!

Anonymous said...

Love your new glasses! I getting sick of mine, I've had them for quite some time! Perhaps I'll check out coach next time!

Moya said...

The glasses are cute. I want to watch Dear John too and I left you a surprise on my blog:)


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