Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Landscaping: Before and After

We have spent the last FOUR days landscaping our house and I finally washed the dirt mud off my hands to tell you about it!! Ha!

Well, because I love-LOVE a good Before/After, allow me to present to you our BORING home. No landscaping. No color. No character. Please try not to fall asleep while you stare at this picture.

And here we are now!

Since our home was a new build we moved in with NO sort of landscaping whatsoever. No even grass. In a way, that was good because we got to put our own personality into everything.

We met with a landscape artist who gave us an idea of what to do and we planted and installed everything ourselves (and with the help of my parents who came over for Memorial Weekend!! :)

In the front bed along the house we have Dwarf Alberta Spruces, Double Knock-Out Roses, Blue Chips and a Sienna Sunrise bush with some ornamental grass. In the bed around the tree we have lots of white blooming perennials.

Now let's hope I can remember to water everything! Ha!


Mrs. Carioca said...

You're house looks lovely even in the before picture! I like the stone boarder too. I wouldn't have thought of that.

Annie said...

It looks GREAT! My entire family has a green thumb, but not me! I could make a fake plant die. I can't wait to see it as it grows ;-)

Ams said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my goodness- seriously. But all that natural beauty aside- you guys did a wonderful job with the landscaping!!!

Alissa said...

Beautiful! I just love the look of your house, and that yard is pretty amazing. Nice job :)

Brittany Ann said...

Looks wonderful! I'm horrible at growing things so you are way ahead of me!


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