Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spontaneous Road Trip

Joe didn't have to work today and we woke up this morning and decided to take a one-day road trip. We decided to head due South to Norman, Oklahoma to visit our old college campus and have lunch with some friends. Nothing like deciding to hit the road at the last minute and luckily it's only a few hours drive from where we live now!

My friend Rachael is a meterologist and she works near the National Weather Service building so she offered to take a couple hours off work to meet us for lunch and give us a tour of the building.

Of course, all the weather stuff was interesting but I was most excited because they have the actual "Dorothy" from Twister displayed in the lobby. I love that movie!

Joe and I did some shopping and drove around campus like old geezers reminiscing about the "good ole days". Ha!

Then, we drove to Stillwater, Oklahoma so we could have dinner at Eskimo Joe's. We lived in Oklahoma for seven years and Joe had never been there. They could have kicked us out of Oklahoma for that.

Of course, they served Joe in an orange cup because we were in Cowboy country. He said he'd drink out of the cup but when I went to buy us both a t-shirt he said he'd never wear a shirt with "Stillwater" written on it. Ha!

After gaining about ten pounds we drove home. I love spontaneous days like this!

What do you do that's totally spontaneous??


Ams said...

Please tell me those are fries, with cheese, and a delicious dipping sauce?! Those look SOOOOO good :)

I love spontaneity but lately have been doing very little of that :(

Glad you guys were able to get away!! You look gorgeous lady!

ty said...

Moved to California, hahahaaaa :)

I've been to Stillwater twice, and I think that is all my crimson-bleeding heart will allow!

Melissa G. said...

What a great day with your hubby!

Annie said...

How FUN! I LOVE spontaneous road trips. I hope you will road trip to OK once I live there! I'd love to meet up. And thanks for taking the survey! I swear, we're twins!

Brittany Ann said...

Fun! Nothing better than an off-the-cuff trip! And now I'm craving those French fries.

twinklingnitestr said...

so how did Joe like Eskimo Joe's? did he fall in love with those cheese fries?

Thanks for the surprise lunch! :)


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