Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sex and the City 2: Style Awards

Last night I went with a group of girls to see Sex and the City 2. Now, can I make a little confession? I never actually watched the show when it was on the air. What can I say? I was a poor college student and didn't have cable! Ha! But I do really like the movies.

I think my favorite part about both movies is the fashion!

That's weird. You don't look surprised at all.

Soooo.. I thought I would do my own version of awards for the BEST fashion in the movie.

Best Casual Dress:

Best Evening Dress:

Best Purse:

Best Shoes:

Best Accessory:

Best Swimsuit:

Have you seen SATC 2 yet??


Ams said...

I haven't seen it yet! But I really really want to... maybe next week I will buckle down and get it done!! lol
Did you like it?

Alissa said...

Yes I was there on Sunday and I loved it. I never watched the tv show either I know, I know. Hey I didn't have cable in college either. Yes I'm all about those shoes I love them, I also loved Carrie and Bigs apartment too!

Annie said...

Fun! I haven't seen any of the shows or movies. Can you believe it?! I don't live under a rock either. I just never got into it ;-)

Brittany Ann said...

That emerald dress on Charlotte is gorgeous! I'm seeing the movie tomorrow and can't wait!


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