Monday, June 21, 2010


This weekend Joe and I had a low-key weekend - just what I wanted! Joe was on call Friday night but other than that this was the first weekend in a long time we haven't had any plans.

Saturday night we stayed in and played board games. It doesn't really matter who won all three games.

Me ;-)

On Sunday, Father's Day, we didn't get to see either one of our Fathers because they both live in the Kansas City area. But my Grandpa and a friend were driving through town for a trip and they stopped in to visit us. They took us to dinner at Olive Garden. He obviously speaks my love language! Ha! My grandpa's friend used to work for the CIA. Isn't that so cool?! I made them each a mini loaf of banana bread for the road.

Joe and I went to bed early and watched Netflix on demand from bed. I love being in my PJs at eight at night! We watched a comedy show from Frank Caliendo and I DIED laughing. You should look him up on Netflix. He is a hoot!

Did you have a busy weekend or was yours relaxing like mine?


Kathryn said...

Ahhh, the Game of Life. We love that game. And I always seem to beat J too. :-)

ty said...

Love your Suzy Homemaker-ness with the banana bread. Too cute.

I spent the weekend doing my sister's bachelorette party. Holy geez.

Annie said...

I LOVE nothing more than a weekend full of board games! So awesome.

BTW, I almost died of excitement when I got your package in the mail today! You. Are. Awesome. And the OU sticker is now residing on my car :-)


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