Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Last night Joe and I met a group of friends at a Minor League baseball game! 

 And we had hot dogs all around for dinner! (and sunflower seeds and boy, those pretzels looked good too....)

It was so hot that I gave up on the prospect of cute hair and went for braids and a baseball cap. I wanted to look like this

but felt more like this. Ha! 

This Friday is my last day of my job! I've been dealing with turning in my computer and some other equipment I had - it feels good to get it over with! I'll have about 7 weeks totally off before I start school. And Joe is officially now doing anesthesia full time! Big changes! :)

Happy Wednesday!!


Ams said...

You look SOOOOO cute!! I love the pink hat and that braids :) Adorable!
Glad you guys had a good time...

Kristi said...

Your hair and the hat look cute! Definatley not Pippi Longstocking esque.

Annie said...

First of all, so cute! I loved your hair. AND the hat ;-) Congrats on the big changes! So exciting. Maybe in those seven weeks you can road trip to OK? Just sayin'.


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