Thursday, June 17, 2010

Custom Luggage Tag for $0.50!!

The other day I found these at Big Lots: self sealing laminating pouches for ONE DOLLAR. Actually, there are two tags in there so if my math is correct that's fifty cents apiece.

Mama was right when she said you'd use math in real life.

I've always wanted to have some of those cool custom monogram luggage tags but never could justify the cost. So I made my own! And it was so easy! You should try it!

First of all, I printed out two blurbs I made in Power Point. I don't have Photo Shop but I'm sure you could do some really cool stuff with that!

email me if you want me to send you the doc with my two blurbs, sized and ready to go, just change your info...

Then I traced around the tag so I knew what size I was working with. When you're cutting, you should cut WELL within this line (like a 1/4 inch or so) so there's room around the tag for the seal to adhere.

Center your paper, pull back the sticker back and press the two sides together. So easy a caveman could do it! I'm just kidding. Everyone knows cavemen never check their luggage. They carry on.

I even made a tag to put on Boomer's bag when we send him to the grandparents. Tada!

Happy Thursday y'all!!!


Ams said...

SUCH a cute idea!!!
I love this... and Boomers tag is too adorable!

Annie said...

So cute! I love Boomer's tag :-)

james broad said...

Hi, I actually added your post in the list of my favorites. Looking forward for further updates on the same. Great Job, Keep it up.

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