Monday, June 7, 2010

Resident Graduation Party

On Saturday night Joe and I attended the Resident Graduation for the four anesthesia residents that are moving on to the big world of private practice. It was only slightly depressing to think about the fact that we're still three years away from Joe's graduation! They are all such wonderful people and I'm really excited because my favorite (is it bad to choose favorites?) senior resident is staying here in town and I think I'll solicit her to do my epidural when I have a baby! Ha!

I wore this Cynthia Rowley dress with a black belt. I can't believe I didn't take one picture the entire night. By the way, the website for this dress says it's $295 which is crazy because I got it about a month ago at TJMaxx for $29.99. But it made me feel fancy to wear a three hundred dollar dress!! Ha!

But I made a fatal error with the shoe choice, girls. THESE patent mary janes should be marketed as torture devices.

Patent pending.

Get it? Patent pending. Patent leather. Cute, right?

Anyway, I spent all day Sunday with my feet elevated so the swelling would go down. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Hope you had a fabulous and pain-free weekend!! :)


Mrs. Carioca said...

Our grad. party is this weekend and I'm not sure what to wear! It's exciting to see everyone graduating though. Our husbands are getting closer to that date!

Brittany Ann said...

Patent leather is always painful. I love the shiny shoes, too, but I have to admit, I have a similar looking pair of flats in the same material and Dear God! Ouch!

Ams said...

Aw,, but the shoes are really cute if that counts for anything ;)
Three years hey!? We haven't even started residency... that's a few weeks from now. So depressing!!

Annie said...

CUTE! I love, love, love TJ MAXX. Sorry about the shoes! It looks like they were cute while it lasted though ;-)

Melissa G. said...

I'm sure you looked beautiful! I think the black belt is a perfect touch to the dress. Yes, those shoes look painful! But so cute!


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