Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Favorite Office/School Supplies

I'm joining Adorkable Annie today with a TOP FIVE! Since I'm headed to grad school in August I am consumed with school supply shopping! It really is the best time of year! Ha!

Here are my top five must haves for school/office:

1. Le Pen pens. They come in every color imaginable (didn't Crayola get us spoiled??) and they write sooo nice...ahhh... :)

2. Moleskine planner. My new favorite thing. It's like a little black book. It's small enough to carry in my purse and it has plenty of room for lists! Yay for lists!!

3. Desk organizer. We use ours for bills. I can't believe how much it has help us get and stay organized (we used to be the people who threw the bills in a stack on the counter)!

4. Cute folders. My friend got me some cute folders for my birthday and now I'm obsessed with them! Manilla isn't even a part of my vocabulary anymore.

5. Grid paper. It might be the engineer in me. But grid paper is so much better than lined paper for lists/drawings/random thoughts.

What are your favorite office/school supplies?


Brittany Ann said...

I love cute file folders! I adore office supplies in general, though, so I guess it's no suprise!

Annie said...

Nice! I love getting new school supplies. There's nothing like getting organized and starting fresh :-) Thanks for linking up!

Ams said...

I love all your lists.
I remember that school supply shopping used to be my favorite time of the year... I always wanted all the "cool" things. Brings back memories!
I am a sticky note fanatic... but I always have to have the multi-colored pretty ones :)


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