Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am: a quirky girl with lots of passion.

I think: I operate best when I don't really think things through.

I know: things always work out okay.

I have: friends and family who GET me. All I could ever want.

I wish: time would stop going so quickly the older I get.

I hate: that I have such a hard time being patient.

I miss: college.

I fear: that I'll never get a Master's Degree.

I hear: laughter.

I smell: the new perfume I got for Christmas: Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto. It's my new fav!

I crave: chocolate. Always chocolate. And coffee.

I search: for vintage dishes because I think it's so fun to imagine them being used by people of past decades.

I wonder: why people are so critical of each other.

I regret: not stopping to smell the roses more when I was in college.

I love: when I laugh harder at my own jokes than anyone else.

I ache: in my jaw. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out soon.

I am not: your ordinary engineer.

I believe: that there is a plan! Fate! Everything happens for a reason! Que sera sera!

I dance: in the shower (where most people sing!)

I sing: in the car. Mariah and I can reaaaally harmonize!

I cry: when I think about people who are hungry and sick.

I fight: the urge to stay in my PJs everyday.

I win: the lottery in my dreams!

I lose: in basketball. I'm so bad.

I never: go a day without kissing my dog on the nose.

I always: have my toenails painted when I wear sandals.

I confuse: the days of the week. It's the effect of my unusual schedule (traveling without a 9-5 schedule for work).

I listen: to my iPod when I clean the house. I mop to the beat! Ha!

I can usually be found: dreaming about traveling.

I need: my I Love Lucy DVDs.

I am happy about: life.

I imagine: in the next 3 years I'll be a mom.

Play along, won't you?



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