Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas Tree Has Left The Building

We had quite the stressful afternoon!

Joe is on call tonight so he had the afternoon off. We went to lunch at Olive Garden (love the soup and salad lunch special!!) then we decided we had enough time and energy to get our HUGE (dead) Christmas tree out of the house. Joe said he was nervous about how we would get it out but I was confident that it would be easy because I had bought a Tree Removal Bag last year in the after Christmas sales. A bag! Made to wrap trees so you simply carry them right out of the house! What could be easier??

That, my friends, is foreshadowing.

I had bought this "tree removal bag" but let me tell you, it was about as thin as a contact lens and the branches poked right through it. So I decided to wrap a big blanket around the tree. We started dragging all eleven feet of it towards the front door (we had taken all the ornaments off yesterday).


I forgot the tree stand still had water in it.

So we dumped stinky, murky water all over our carpet. Huge puddle. Still holding the tree... now panicking!!!

We finally wedged it through the front door, into the yard and then on top of the car.

And we look like we were in a brawl with a couple of alley cats. And the cats won. We're scratched up everywhere!

I think from now on we will buy a small real Christmas tree and use all artificial for the rest of the house.

The good news: the tree is GONE! Ha!


Its So Very Cheri said...

We used to cut down huge trees each year. Our kids miss it. We've done fake for a few years now



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