Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

Yesterday Joe and I put a live, 11-foot Fraser Fir Christmas tree in our living room. Yes, we are crazy for Christmas!! We actually got it at Home Depot. What? You didn't know they had Christmas trees? Neither did we, we were there for light bulbs and our local tree farm was closed for the day. They had a great selection!

Loading her up

When we got home we remembered that you're supposed to cut an inch or so from the bottom of the stump so it will live through the month.

One year we forgot to trim the stump, and got the tree in and fully decorated before we remembered. And we actually tried (out of desperation) to lift the tree from the base (ornaments still on) and saw off the bottom. In the middle of the living room. There were needles everywhere. And the stress. OH the stress.

To think we almost forgot again this year.

So we got the hand saw out while she was still strapped to the roof. We quickly realized that wasn't the best angle to saw through a tree.

So we sawed. And sawed. Not. Cutting. Arm. Sore.

Maybe we can pry the end off with a shovel?

Step away from the shovel! Let me have a crack at it...


Every year I come up with a different color scheme for our tree. This year we did red, purple and gold.

I'm a big believer in putting things in your tree OTHER than ornaments. This year I did birds, peacock feathers, pearls, flowers and bows. Every angle of the tree has something different and special to look at.


Angela said...

It's beautiful!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Beautiful tree!

Oh my gosh. I'm laughing that you agreed with me about Kansas!

I found ONE Starbucks (in Colby) the entire length of I-70. That is just sad!

Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You're so talented :)

Blair said...

GORGEOUS tree! Nothing makes a house feel more like Christmas, than a real tree!

Regina and David said...

You have a beautiful tree! Merry Christmas!


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