Monday, December 21, 2009

Social Calendar

Y'all, my social calendar has never been so full - I'm recovering from two parties last weekend. One was a fancy party at the banquet room at our Marriott here in town. It was hosted by the OB anesthesia group that works with the hospitals here. It was so funny because they hired a "mindreader" as entertainment. She had her husband there to go around the tables and have people show him their drivers license and she would stand on stage and guess their name. Too funny!

Tonight Joe is on all-night call. He had the afternoon off "pre-call" from 1-4pm so we met up for a lunch date at On The Border. I thought some mexican food sounded good on a cold Monday. I told Joe to close his eyes for a minute and try to pretend we were in Mexico! Ha!

You'll never guess what I'm doing tonight. I have a date with our scanner. As a Christmas gift for my in-laws we're scanning in old family pictures to an external hard drive for them. That way they have everything digitally instead of in old boxes in the basement. I had no idea how time consuming it would be!!


Blair said...

Look at you rockin' it next to that beautiful tree!!! Enjoy your night!


Katie said...

Scanning takes forever!!! I started scanning old pics of my grandmother and me for a scrapbook I made her on my Mac and just one book alone took me days! I eventually want to do it for as many albums as I can, but I'm dreading how long it will take lol

Veronnica Watson said...

You look so pretty standing next to your tree! Oh, and it's pretty too! hehe

That sounds like an awesome gift for your in-laws! I've been trying to get my dad to record our old home videos onto DVD for years!

Angela said...

You look gorgeous!!


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