Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am SO excited because Melissa just gave me a blogger award! You'd think I had just won an Oscar or the Nobel, but this blog award is my very first! Thank you Melissa!! I still can't believe anyone besides my best friends and my husband read this blog. Haha! So, here it is. Smashing, huh?
Now I get to pass it on!

First, I would love to bestow this award onto ANNIE. I *just* found her blog, like, 2 days ago but I am completely UB-sessed with her. (please don't think I'm a stalker!). She's hilarious and her hubby is a resident too. Oh, and she's from Oklahoma. See.. I love her!

Also, KRISTEN, I noticed you have just about every award but this one ;-) She is the cutest person and she just celebrated her 1 year wedding anniversary - woo hoo!!

Finally, ERIN, who I've known since we were "Knot buddies" in 2006 when we were both getting married. Erin graduated Med School the year before Joe and I think she is just such an inspirational person. Go, now. Read her blog. You'll be hooked on her journey like I am.

Now... can I summarize my life in bullet points? It feels like a bullet point kinda day...

  • I almost burnt our house down today trying to make a fabulous dinner. AND, have you ever had to take the skin off of raw chicken parts for a recipe? I was dry-heaving over the sink and Joe just about died laughing. We ended up having dinner at Mr. Goodcents. (oops)
  • I submitted my resume for a new job today. If you haven't noticed, I travel A LOT for work now and I'm thinking eventually I'd like to put away the suitcases and be more settled. I love my job now though, so a new one would have to be even cooler. And I don't know if that's possible...
  • Joe has never seen Father of the Bride II - yes I KNOW, crazy! So, we Netflixed and watched it before bed tonight. It's a classic :)

Please go visit Melissa's blog - she is in Ireland right now (are you sure you don't need any company over there?!) and her life is anything but ordinary - and all around extraordinary.


Melissa G. said...

Goodmorning Brittany. I can't believe this is your first award! You have a great blog! Well then, i'm honored to be the first one to give you one!

It's fun to see you passing it on. That's my favorite part. I get excited to receive one but it's just as fun to pass them on!

OK to VA said...

Yay!!!!!! I'm a winner TWICE in your book! WOW! And I love that you think I'm hilarious--just last night my hubby told me that I'm the only person who thinks I'm funny. He accused me of only laughing at him when he's using my material. Ha! I guess we showed him!


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