Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend is over. *sad face*

The best thing I did this weekend was go to Hobby Lobby. Do you know (and can you imagine) I used to hate Hobby Lobby? Boy has that changed! I could spend a fortune in there now! While I was there I made sure to get some plate hangers. I've been meaning to do something with this sliver of a wall I have between the windows in my dining room. It's too skinny for a picture, but I think you'd agree it needs something.

Antique Johnson & Bros. plates

Then, I made a little treat for Joe to take to work and sit in the Physician's Lounge to share with his co-workers.
Almond Bark about to start melting...

I made the mistake of letting Joe choose the pretzels at the store and he somehow found FOOTBALL pretzels! Haha!

My apprentice - look at that mess!!!

The finished product.

I have a little project this week that I found over at Martha Stewart. Now, ordinarily, I'm not a big fan of Martha. Is she not just TOO perfect (and a little snooty??). BUT, I think these necklaces are fabulous.
And they look really simple!! Click HERE to go straight to the directions on her site if you want to make some too.

Joe and I watched The Reader this weekend. I thought Kate Winslet did a great job and I actually loved the movie! Did you see it?

If you haven't already, don't forget to go HERE to sign up for my giveaway. Winner will be chosen Thursday!!


Brittany Ann said...

I loved The Reader. And I love those necklaces. I smell a craft project in my future... said...

Hi Brittany!

Love: the necklaces--the pretzels look yummy...

and the reader was steamy--and poignant! loved it!

Thank-you for commenting---great to meet you!

love, kelee

Jill said...

Hi Brittany!
Thanks for stopping in at Hickory Hollow. Love the plates on the wall. Plates are great just about anywhere. Your kitchen looks a whole lot like my kitchen the cabinet color and granite!

OK to VA said...

I love making those pretzels! They are so easy and good! I also love your hubby's shirt ;-)


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