Thursday, August 20, 2009


I can't believe I'm about to do a post on Almond Bark but one of my commenters said that she HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT! I about came unglued! Is Almond Bark a regional thing? If you're from somewhere *other* than the Midwest or South, do you know what it is - please comment!? We typically use it to cover pretzels or as another blog follower said, to cover Ritz crackers and peanut butter. (thanks for reminding me of that recipe by the way! it used to be one of my favs!!)

So.. let me show you a picture of something I was thinking about serving at this engagement party I'm hosting...
And for this... you would need Almond Bark :) Do you see where I'm going now??

And, just because it's pretty, I'll show you another "inspiration" picture I'm working with for this party. (Rach, if you're reading this, I'm sorry to be spoiling some of the surprise!)

Tonight is my last night in Raleigh. I really hope I can come back soon because I love it here and I love all those southern accents!! My co-workers and I were at Schlotzkeys for lunch today and I swear, I could barely understand our poor server :)

Joe will be on call and working all weekend so I'm going to have to come up with some recipes or decorating to keep me entertained. Haha!

Dont forget to become a follower so I can enter you in the giveaway I started in the last post!! Should I add some Almond Bark to the loot? ;-)


Brittany Ann said...

Um, Almond Bark to the loot? Please, please, please pick me to win!

Sarah Ann said...

Nope, never heard of Almond Bark. I've seen covered pretzels like that but never knew it had a name. I'm originally from California so maybe it is a regional thing.

Melissa said...

Yes! Add some to the loot! =)
I've heard of it. I haven't used it much. I just didn't know how or what to do but i'm definitely going to make some of those delicious looking pretzels sometime!
I'm living in Northern Ireland right now and i haven't noticed if they have it here. I"ll check next time i'm at the store.
And thanks for following along! And for joining in the giveaway! Good luck!

Bea said...

Alright Sarah Ann! I'm not the only one who hasn't heard of it! I'm starting to think it IS a regional thing. Still need to get to the grocery store to confirm my hunch....

ShawnaLee said...

Wow. Interesting...Brit. I'm starting to think it's a geographical thing OR we are just weird.
Love the decorating idea BTW. Very colorful. I LOVE how they have arranged the drinks by color-a tad on the OCD side, but nice!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!! :-D

no spoiler. i still don't know what it's going to look like when it's all put together. t-3 days! :-D

your such an amazing friend. im so excited and can't wait for the party!


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