Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guest Bedroom & Bathroom

We've been in our new house for 2 months... I know you'd like to believe we've gotten everything unpacked, settled and arranged. Well, you just keep on thinking that! The truth is, we've pretty much come to a Stand.Still on unpacking. However, last weekend our friends Bob & Rach (newly engaged!) came to visit and I couldn't stand not having a guest room (or bed). Seriously, there's no excuses when you've got 4 bedrooms and no kids. Don't you see this gave me a great excuse to get a new bed for our master bedroom? So, we splurged on a new king bed for ourselves and moved our queen to the guest room, and alas, we had a guest room in the making! I added a few touches with things I had bought over the last few months for cheap and voila!

framed prints of butterflies above the bed

Do you recognize the desk? Bought for $9 and refurbished!

The details: lamp from an antique store, a framed pencil sketch of our dog that my sister did one year for me for Christmas (LOVE), old tin star, books and magazines to make guests feel welcome.

Can I just tell you that I almost peed my pants when I found that lamp!?! Haha! First of all, it's my FAVORITE color! Second, it reminded me of this $200 Robert Abbey lamp that I really, really, really wanted but couldn't justify. I found mine at an antique store for (you better sit down first)... $10 for a PAIR of them. Yahoo!!!

THE $200 lamp.

Let me share the guest bathroom with you, too. Doesn't everyone have a seashell bathroom? Haha! We're no exception - I love beachy bathrooms - It just WORKS! You know what's odd about our guest bathroom? I'll let you guess...

We don't have an actual window in there! However, I found this awesome old window at an antique store, I added a bit of jazz with a wreath and shells and I think it works nice. I also framed a nice coral print I had laying around.

Here's the sink. I got a sweet compliment from my friend about my goody basket here - it's got soaps, shampoo, lotions, shout wipes, toothpaste - all the essentials! And all the things I tend to forget even though I travel for a living - I still forget this kind of stuff half the time! I also have a framed engagement picture and beach picture from our honeymoon, and a jar of shells from our honeymoon - hey, it's cheap decoration ;-)

Now that I've shown you my guest rooms, who is going to come visit me next? I love visitors! :)


Brittany Ann said...

Oooh oooh! I wanna come!

ShawnaLee said...

Even MORE of a reason to come visit SOOONNN!!
Promise me, pleeaassseeeeeeee you will help me shop and decorate the house we buy!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your skills!!! We MUST stop at some antique stores too. I'm serious about this. :-D

Anonymous said...

i'll just up the first review: AWESOME B&B :-D Mrs. H takes after her mom and definitely knows how to make guests feel welcome and keep them comfortable. above and beyond. :)

love ya brit!

and i agree with Shawna... want a part time job? can i hire you? :)


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