Thursday, January 14, 2010


This morning I had a consult with an oral surgeon because I need my wisdom teeth out, and frankly I've been putting it off for years. When I went to the dentist recently they told me there was a cavity IN one of the wisdom teeth and I was forced to choose between drill or forceps and it wasn't easy. Joe was on call last night so he had the morning off; you know I drug him to the appointment!

We waited in the waiting room for an HOUR. I was beginning to wonder if it might make more sense to go ahead and get fitted for the dentures I'd need now that I was 92 years old.

They finally called me back, took the x-rays and the doctor came in to see me.

Two weird facts for you:
1) I have two baby teeth still in. Adult teeth were never behind them so I never lost my first set.
2) I only have the top wisdom teeth.

Then the doctor said something that made me think he was crazy, "Let's just go ahead and pull these right now." And here is where I'm not embarrassed to admit I turned into a blubbering crying idiot.

Before I knew it, I was like this.

The first one popped right out. But for the second, there was... definite grinding.

And now I'm nursing a chocolate milkshake and lying in bed with my PJs. And my cheeks are so puffy I look like I'm a chipmunk storing nuts for the rest of the winter.

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?? Do you have any interesting dental stories??


Sarah Ann said...

Aww, I'm sorry. Getting teeth out sure does hurt. I've actually had a lot of experience in that department. See, my baby teeth were coming out too slow so my dentist took two of them out himself. I was only in middle school at the time. Not fun. Then, the summer before I started HS I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was out for the entire procedure so that part was cake but afterward the cleaning out of the holes in the bottom was awful and they ended up getting infected. Most disgusting thing ever.
My suggestion is to enjoy lots of nice cold ice cream and other soft foods during the next couple weeks. =]

capperson said...

I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth cut out. It sucked. I even passed out on my mom after she got me was horrible.

Angela said...

I had my wisdom teeth taken out at the Indian hospital in Claremore, OK. It was an absolute nightmare and I'm terrified of the dentist to this day. I had just graduated college and my health insurance from my job hadn't kicked in yet-- but I'm Cherokee so I have healthcare through the tribe. I went in thinking I was just getting x-rays. They took an x-ray, laid me back in the chair, gave me one shot and then starting trying to pull the teeth. I was traumatized, it was seriously the worst pain ever. Now when I go to the dentist, he gives me valium and nitrous oxide just for dental exams! LOL

Anonymous said...

I had to have all 4 pulled.. I don't like needles. I can now say it wasn't that bad at all.
P.S. I love your white watch! Where did you get it? :)

Mrs. Dimple said...

Thanks Sarah :)
The brand is "Toy Watch". Which is funny because people ask me all the time where I got it and I say "Oh, it's Toy Watch" and they usually say something like "it doesn't look like a toy!". haha!!

Katie said...

WOW! Right then and there?! I would have been crying like a baby as well, but at least you didn't have the anticipation and anxiety of waiting for your appointment. I only had my bottom two removed (over the summer). I actually don't have any on the top. My mom took me to get them removed and all I remember is feeling so wonderful on the laughing gas. It's the first time I've ever been put under so I was nervous about that, but I've had numerous stubborn baby teeth removed. When I woke, the nurse helped me to my car and I asked her to give me a hug because she was the nicest person I've ever met. I also kept telling my mom to kiss me on the forehead. HAHA!!! I had a smooth recovery. Basically all I ate was vanilla Ensure. I hope you have a speedy recovery!! The best part is, it's over and you never have to go through it again!!


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