Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of the State of the Union Address

Did y'all watch the State of the Union tonight? We did and I wonder if you were thinking the same thing as me...

Nancy, the lavender suit isn't working. I would prefer navy or black with a punchy blouse underneath.

Joe, you're looking kind of tired. It must be weird to sit behind the President during the State of the Union. Talk about having to be aware of your facial expressions for a full HOUR and TWENTY MINUTES.

Michelle, you got purple right!! And I cracked up when she told the audience to "sit down". Haha!

It was fun to see whether the Democrats or Republicans would give a standing O for each topic. But I think they should join together in a legislative kumbaya and start a good old fashioned crowd wave! Go USA!

Seriously though, I was interested to see what Obama had to say regarding healthcare, obviously Joe works in the field so we feel strongly about that topic. And my job is contracted through national defense so those topics hit close to home.

Did you watch the Address?? What topics are important to you and your family?? :)

P.S. I really want you to come back tomorrow (maybe Friday) - I'm going to do a really fun giveaway!! Yay!!


Jane said...

Nancy's suit was way too laveneder. Agreed!

I didn't catch the address, but plan on catching up on it today sometime at work!

Moya said...

I was wearing the same colour as Michelle & pearls yesterday! The first lady is taking a page outta my book! lol!

Ams said...

I will need to catch up on the address also - being from Canada I forgot to watch it.
But that being said, S will be directly affected with all the healthcare chat so I should check it out!
I love your run down though... you make me laugh!

Angela said...

My husband and I watched. I tried to pay attention, but was too busy cracking up at Pelosi. I swear that woman was about to break a hip every time she jumped up! LOL And Michelle looked gorgeous.


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