Monday, May 24, 2010

Dinner and Dancing

On Saturday night Joe and I had a date of dinner and dancing. The studio where we take dance lessons has a monthly dance party where they do lots of different dance styles and serve food. It's a nice chance to practice what we learn in our private classes. Like, for instance, this move.

Don't try that at home. Ha!

Joe's not dancing with me here, he's dancing with our instructor. She's dressed up as Snow White because they had a Disney theme for the party (and they taught the Cinderella dance!). She is such a cute girl but she is tiny and I always feel like a clumsy giant against her!

When we left we went out for a really nice dinner at a fancy restaurant here in town. We usually eat at places like Five Guys Burgers, but Joe had a resident meeting here a couple months ago and he declared his life changed afterward. It was about ten at night so we got a really private table and had the restaurant to ourselves. Not that that would have stopped me from taking pictures of our food. Ha! We ate like little piggies.

That dessert may not look appealing but it was a warm brownie wrapped in phyllo dough. Mother, hold me. We licked that plate clean.

I hope you had a great weekend!



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