Monday, May 3, 2010

Scarlet Threads

Honey, check me out! Ha! I got my new apron from Scarlet Threads and LOVE IT!!

I don't usually cook in a dress and all fixed up but we had just gotten home from church and I was making lunch! Trust me, usually I'm in sweat pants! Ha!

I love this company. They sell products made by women overseas under strict fair trading guidelines. This helps the women maintain a safe and reliable place to work.

Plus, their stuff is darn cute.

Last night Joe and I discovered our entire basement was flooded. We had a water evacuation team come out (they didn't leave until 3:30 this morning) and we've got ripped up carpet and walls at this point. It's been a rough day already. I'm hoping for the strength to laugh (because that's better than crying!) through all this. Hope your Monday is better than mine!!


Alissa said...

What a cute apron! I love how adorable you look all dressed up :).

Ams said...

Oh no Brittany!! I am sorry about all the water :( Horrible... thinking of you guys. Hope it gets sorted out soon.
And you look TOO cute in that apron... I love it!!

mjellis said...

Too cute!
So sorry about the flooding - yuck!

capperson said...

You look adorable and I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding :(

Melissa G. said...

You look great in your cute apron!

Sarah Ann said...

Oh no that's awful! So sorry to hear about that. =[

sarah @ life {sweet} life said... sorry about your basement!! Good luck getting things straightened out. If it helps any, you look fab in your cute apron! Love that dress, too!! :)


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