Thursday, May 13, 2010

Randomly Random

Here's some of the random things swirling around in my head today...

1) I took this picture of a magazine article - love the idea of a double drawer dishwasher. I'm not convinced it would actually make doing dishes fun (that's pretty lofty) but I think it could be great for parties! By the way, one of my ultimate tips for party hosting is start the party with an unloaded dishwasher. That way when you are cleaning up you don't have to unload and put dishes away - you can just slip everything in and get back to your guests!

2) We're still dealing with this. No it's okay, I didn't want to watch any regularly scheduled programming anyway! Ha!

3) Could Kourtney Kardashian look any cuter here?!?!

Hope your day is randomly awesome :)


Annie said...

Oh, Rick Mitchell, you're such a drama queen! ;-) I'm not looking forward to coming home to that.


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