Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things I Collect

I tend to collect things. Not stamps or coins, but weird things like old suitcases and pillowcases. I'm always hunting for these things at flea markets and garage sales so I'm going to show them off! If you want to play along (who doesn't collect SOMETHING??), grab the image below and link us to your blog too!

One of the newest (well, not so much) things I've started picking up is old suitcases. The older and more broken down the better! I would love to someday have enough to make two "nightstands" in my bedroom, but right now I've got them stacked in the corner of my office.

Some of them have old monograms on them (love that!!). The top bag is an old doctor's bag that a physician actually used in the olden days. 

The olden days is my favorite era.

The best thing is, I didn't pay more than $20 for any of these pieces. And they make a BIG statement! 


Don't they make you want to go on vacation?? 

Inspiration pictures:


Ams said...

Very cool!! I love the olden days too but don't have anything like that :)
A nightstand is an awesome idea!

LiLu said...

I freaking LOVE this! I never thought of it before, but they look so cool! So 1920s or something... love.


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